Are you currently working but somehow feel like you are stuck and are not going anywhere in your professional life? Are you out of work or will you be out of work in a foreseeable future because your job was/will be taken by machines? Are you unhappy with you current level of productivity: always behind in your work (missing deadlines), always managing crises? always stressed out? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, contact us.

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 Are you currently unemployed, underemployed, or always having problems with your employer? Is there a possibility that you could lose your job in the near future due to low-productivity issues?  Check the following elements to see if any of them could be the source of your problems. 

Bad Habits

  • Lack of a clear sense of direction: what do you live for? Do you have any goals that make you wake up in the morning? Or do you just go with what each day brings your way. Sometimes life takes us in directions we did not plan. However, this should not be your way of being. You must take control of what you can control. Live each day with a purpose an on purpose. Do not let things just be. Make them happen.
  • Procrastination: if you can take action now, take it. Do not wait for tomorrow. Do you need to get a degree to help you update your skills, go for it. Do you need training, start looking for one and register. Whatever you need, if you can do it today, do it.
  • Laziness: nothing good happens when you sit idly or do less of what you are capable of doing. You are the engine that powers your world. If you turn your engine off your world turns off automatically. Keep that engine going and your world will never run short of any resources.
  • Working non-stop: after all you are a human being, not a human doing. If you are to live your life to the fullest you need to spare some time to rest allowing your body and mind to recreate themselves so that you are full of energy the next time you resume your activities.            

Skill Deficiency

  • No skill: you work in a field where you and your employer clearly know that that is not your field. You have no skill whatsoever in what your job entails. You produce goods of mediocre quality and are always unhappy with your performance at work.
  • Skill not developed: you work in a field where you have skill. However, you do not put in the effort to sharpen your skills as a result you fail to reach your peak performance in that field.
  • Skill developed but not updated: you work in a field where you are the expert, however, you do not take the initiative to check new trends so you can stay up to date.
  • Skill developed but not used to the maximum: you have skills in your field, you keep them up to date however, when working you do not give it 100% of your effort. You produce goods and services of good quality, however, if you worked harder you could do more and better.       


  • Failure to understand time: over time societies and everything related to them evolve. Sometimes however, times change when people are not aware of it and in other instances they are not ready for it. They continue to do things the old way because they either think that those ways are better or because they are oblivious to the changing of time.
  • Inability to embrace change: whether you like it or not change will happen. The only question worth asking is, are you taking necessary steps to help you stay in the game? No matter how strong or smart you are, if change comes and finds you unprepared you will be left behind.
  • short sightedness: when planning your life (if you do) do you focus on what is or do you make room for the unknown? Although we cannot predict the future, however, with careful observation and study of the present we can guess what is going to happen then start preparing for it before it happens. If you wait to buy a fire extinguisher until your house is on fire, you may end up houseless.


PRODUCTIVITYOur commitment to you is:

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ANGRY WORKEREveryday thousands are losing their jobs others are seeing their pay dramatically cut because their employers prefer using machines that will do the same job better, faster, and cheaper. Companies are closing their doors and municipalities are declaring bankruptcy due to the fact that technology is changing things so fast that they are unable to keep up. In view of this situation it is easy to blame technology for all these joblessness problems. It is true, technology is disrupting our way of life. On the bright side however,  technology is making the situation better and better for those who are willing to change. While it is making some jobs obsolete, it is also creating new industries, new markets, therefore new and better paying jobs. With these new opportunities the future looks more promising to those who are taking the time to prepare and position themselves to compete in the 21st century's workforce. Where are you? It is never too late to start preparing. If you are out of work and need to acquire new skills in order to help you get a better paying job take action today and enroll in a college or vocational training near you. If your industry is at the brink of extinction or if you suspect that your job may be taken by a machine in the foreseeable future do not wait for that to happen, start preparing today. If you do not know how and where to start, contact us, we can help.